1. Who are Cash4usedclothes?
We are a local business that works with individuals, schools and charities. We buy clothing from these sources and export them..

2. How does recycle process work for clothes?
The clothes that we buy are no longer of any use to the owners and in many cases would to end up in landfills. In fact according to DEFRA 1 million tonnes of clothing (50% of what is sold in UK shops) end up in landfills...

3. Where do the items end up?
In most cases they are exported to Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe and resold at an affordable price for the area.

4. How are the clothes weighed?
The bags of clothes are weighed using our industrial scales either in the shop or in the van if we are collecting

5. What condition does the clothing have to be?
The must be in a reusable condition. If you would not wear them then somebody else probably wouldn’t either.

6. How much do you pay?
We pay from 35p per kilo for clothes, shoes, handbags and belts.

7. When do we get paid?
You are paid in cash immediately on the collection or delivery to the shop.

8. Do you take carpets, rugs, brick-a-brack, electrical goods, duvets and pillows?
No, unfortunately.

9. Does each bag have to weigh of 12 kg?
No – the bag or bags are weighed as a total. You can sell as little or as much as you please.

10. When is your shop open?
Monday to Saturday 10am to 5pm

11. If I chose can I donate my proceeds to charity?,
Yes you can. We have a local charity box in our shop or you can use the to pick a charity of your choice.

12. I am a school, charity or other organisation and I want to arrange a collection with Cash4usedclothes. What do I do?
Call us and we will talk you through the simple process